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Reviewed Program Of Vision Without Glasses - Samantha Pearson


Eye examination includes a precise definition of visual acuity and refraction patient measurement of intraocular pressure

The inspection under a microscope eyes (bio microscopy), Corneal tachymetry (measurement of corneal thickness), determination of the length of the eye, eye ... [more]

Intraocular Pressure Is Generally Measured Using A Noncontact Tonometer

Determination of the visual fields is carried out by research contrasts with which we can estimate the approximate degree of visual field loss.

Study of the reaction of the pupil to light (indirect and involuntary) to assess the condition of the optic tract, no direct light reflex ... [more]

Cataract Treatment - Dr. Samantha Pearson

Cataract Treatment - Decreased vision, for example, in bright light or difficulty reading printed text even well - an early symptom of cataracts.

Your doctor - ophthalmologist (a doctor who specializes in examining and treating eye) should check your cataract progression by ... [more]

Nearsightedness And Farsightedness

If the whole body is clean, fresh and active, then your eyes will be clean and shiny, and what is supposed to be "the mirror of the soul." Regularly drink green tea, but not more than 1 liter per day (recommendation of doctors).

Will the law, if one eye does not see - Get right, ... [more]

The Problem With One Eye

The problem with one eye - In this case, it may be an astigmatism occurs when the distortion of the lens or complete blindness in one eye.

So the question arises in such difficult cases, give any rights? If one eye does not see at all, the main thing is to show the normal state ...


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